Tesla Motors

January 2020 – present

This premium electric car company needed to improve the safety and efficiency of their car maintenance, service and delivery during the crisis.

Design goal

Covid-19 posed challenges for Tesla and the objective was to make all customer interactions contactless. We mapped out the current service blueprint including front- and backend after field studies, marked out all the risks, and redesigned the service and their internal tools accordingly.

Field study

Test drives, mobile service and delivery needed to become contactless experiences. We mapped out all of the touchpoints first and tested the solutions with the internal teams and customers, using the Tesla app and website, and iterated after each test with these stakeholders.

Service blueprint redesign

Tesla’s internal software, site and app were updated – based on the insights from field studies and our new customer journeys. I created prototypes in Figma and Axure for testing in customer focus groups that we identified and we iterated the design based on the test results in each sprint. The final deliverables were more transparent and efficient mobile service, maintenance and delivery services which are meeting the major needs of both customers as well as service and sales teams.